The ladies are coming for you!

Hello Thespian followers!

After an astounding summer (though it’s not giving up just yet!), we have a tale to ease you into Autumn from the 4th – 6th October.

Ladies Day, by Amanda Whittington and set in 2005, is the story of four friends that work in a fish packing plant, enduring the routinely slog day in, day out. But their luck is about to change when Ascot Races come to the north! Shelley is looking for her big break, Jan has got a big decision to make, Pearl is keeping a secret from them all and Linda needs to shake up her home life – all over some champagne and a cheese and pickle sandwich!

The humour is rife throughout with well placed and touching moments that reveal our character’s inner demons, personal goals and broken hearts. Get your Tony Christie and your Blue CD’s out – it’s off to Ladies Day we go!

“The play feels the right length, with plenty of setting up in the first half and, of course, crisis and resolution in the second as the storylines untangle…There’s never a dull moment!

…Alongside the feelgood moments of genuine hilarity, there is also poignancy in a warm and cosy evening of entertainment that’s worth catching –  what’s not to like!”

  • -The Reviews Hub

See you there!